Walter Katz, CFP

What I do really well:
I hear whatís important and then create a practical straightforward strategy. Managing financial risk in a complex environment by making the solutions sound, automated, and predictable is where my abilities shine.

In the qualified plan arena for businesses, I know plan design and understand that the right design and investment platform can make or break a planís success. For individuals and families, I focus on taking the ďdreamĒ and create the processes to make the conceptual tangible and accessible.

I believe in the concept of team. Financial planning is a team sport requiring open relationships with any advisor or consultant hired to help a client. This collaboration is at the root of what we do.

Why I get up in the morning:
Relationships. I thrive when Iím around people. Whether with my family, the great team of people I work with, or my valued clients, the conversations that can be had and the moments I have had the opportunity to experience bring such richness to life.

Clients I work best with:
They have to care. People who care about themselves, their family, friends and employees are the relationships I treasure most. We live in a highly regulated world with a number of possible financial products and strategies. The clients who understand their vital role in protecting and providing for those that depend on them is a client whose values are aligned with my own.

How I got here:
I am the proud son of a father who began his own career in financial services over half a century ago. He mentored me and leads by example. Today we have grown into a successful financial strategies firm and I am honored to have followed in such large footsteps.

Whatís hot right now:
Transparency of retirement plan fees and retirement readiness are areas of focus and concern. Educating sponsors and participants and how these issues are relevant, yet independent.

What I tell plan sponsors:
The easiest and most common approach to how most advisors want to address plan issues is backward. Most want to focus on the market rather than the effect or results on participants. Our process to provide guidance for our clients is consistent, time-tested, and thorough.

Who am I really:
Iím a traveling aficionado, community service lover, book junky, and father of 5! My kids range from age 21 to 7 so I have to keep in shape to keep up. Add P90X, sports, and a marathon here and there and thatís most of my free time.