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Taking the Mystery Out of Investing

Making the right investment decisions for your retirement plan might seem a little like a roll of the dice. But we can help demystify the factors that affect a fund manager’s performance. Through an independent and sophisticated institutional measurement approach, you’ll be able to look at the individual elements of success that define superior investment manager skill. A proprietary Scorecard System™ can help you improve outcomes, manage risk and reduce fiduciary exposure.

Using a custom benchmark index that explains a fund’s market-related and style-related investment returns, your analysis will show you unexplained variances that can be attributed to manager skill. We’re talking more than 40,000 funds on hundreds of provider products. Fueled by our institutional approach, your investment review incorporates:

  • Modern portfolio theory statistics
  • Quadratic optimization analysis
  • Risk-adjusted return
  • Fund style
  • Peer group rankings
  • Fund manager tenure
  • The fund’s expense ratio relative to the average fund expense ratio in the asset class category
  • The fund’s strength of statistics

Together, these factors let you measure the relative performance, characteristics, behavior and overall appropriateness of a fund as an investment option.

Working in a registered investment adviser capacity, we can act as either a 3(21) or 3(38) co-fiduciary to the retirement plan with respect to the selection and monitoring of investments. We'll work with you to develop an Investments Policy Statement in line with your plan needs. You’ll receive a manager scorecard, quarterly market summaries and transition assistance whenever you need to terminate or hire a fund manager.

Retirement Plan Advisory Group (RPAG) makes available a comprehensive software platform designed specifically for the qualified retirement plan market. MML Investors Services, LLC has chosen the RPAG platform as a resource for its Representatives to use in the delivery of services to its qualified retirement plan outcomes. 

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