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Target-Date Funding Consulting

Hitting the Target

Are you doing enough investigation into the assumptions and risks of your plan’s target-date funds (TDFs)? Concerned that plan sponsors weren’t looking into these adequately, the DOL published tips in 2013. The bottom line? The DOL expects plan fiduciaries to go over a series of factors before selecting the glidepath that’s right for the plan. Through our TDF selection process, we’ll work with you to review the relevant factors for the right fit.

Once you’ve identified a "best-fit" glidepath, you’ll need a process in place to see if the quality, composition and fees of TDFs are right for your plan. Our TDF suitability process looks at plan-specific assumptions, participant demographics and participant tendencies to help with your evaluation.

We can also help you compare equity exposure, asset class exposure, management style, fund expenses and the quality of a TDF’s component funds.

No matter if you land on a traditional TDF or a custom solution, you’ll rest easier knowing you’ve got a solid process in place to find the right path for your participants.

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