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Business Owners

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I am a business owner. My business is one of my largest financial assets, and its future success is very important to me. There are key areas of my business that I need to protect – expenses, employee retention, benefits, etc. I also know I need to plan for the succession of my business.

We specialize in designing comprehensive, flexible financial solutions as well as retirement and benefit packages to help meet your business’ evolving needs. We understand the complexity and cash flow issues involved with business ownership. Whether your business is just starting or you are interested in developing ways to enhance and improve your existing business, we are here to help.

Implementing effective business strategies can help you retain key employees and ensure your business will continue after you retire. You can also ensure that your assets are properly allocated to support the needs of your business and your family. We would love to help you by reviewing your current business investments and offering solutions to help position your business for sustainable success. We offer numerous types of plan designs to meet your needs and can assist you in the areas of:

  • Executive compensation
  • Key person retention and planning
  • Qualified Retirement Plans: 401(k), Money Purchase, Profit Sharing, Keogh, New Comparability, Cross Tested, Simple IRAs, Safe Harbor 401(k), Defined Benefit Plans
  • Non-Qualified Retirement Benefit Programs

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