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I am a parent with special needs

How We Work

I am a parent with a special needs child. My child means everything to me. My job as a provider and caregiver is critical now, but even more so once I am gone. I have to make sure my child can be cared for, especially when I can’t anymore.

Financial security is a dream of yours, as it is to most families. However, making that dream a reality is a challenging task. Factors such as inflation and taxation, as well as market uncertainty, are only added obstacles to this already difficult goal. A family with a disabled dependent is faced with an even more daunting task. They have an added responsibility of providing financial security for their dependent’s lifelong needs.

If you’ve begun planning, you know how complicated financial issues for a disabled dependent can be. Protecting government benefits such as SSI, SSDI, Medicare and Medicaid are key factors that make the task of financial planning far more arduous than the ordinary person faces. The family dynamics and increased need for financial support make long-term preparedness even more challenging.

The STEP Strategies Approach

STEP stands for Special Types of Estate Planning. We work as a team in using the STEP Strategies approach. We partner with your family, attorneys, and CPAs to simplify the process of planning. We ensure that you have considered all issues relevant to your situation. Our hindsight now becomes your foresight, one step at a time.

As we work with each family, we realize the importance of formulating strategies that are flexible, affordable, and tailored to individual situations. Our commitment is to be your partner – someone who knows you, understands your situation and can help you and your dependent as events and needs arise.

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