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Where we came from

Client Centered

Client Centered

Our story begins when our founder, Lawrence G. Katz, was born in Waxahachie in 1929. Larry came to Houston to attend Rice Institute (now Rice University) in 1947, where he graduated with a degree in Accounting in 1950. After then serving our country as a First Lieutenant with the United States Air Force, Larry entered the life insurance business. Through hard work and education, the field of financial services became his passion at a time when insurance and retirement plans were evolving. As his business blossomed, Larry decided to form his own company.

In 1975, a year after the ERISA law was implemented, Larry founded The K Corporation, a company focused on providing the recordkeeping for qualified plans for his growing clientele. This coordinated very well with the overall planning objectives of his impressive insurance and estate planning business. With the addition of Larry’s sons, Robert and Walter, The K Corporation grew into a true family-run business. For Walter, the decision to join his father was easy. Though he briefly considered a career in law, Walter saw the impact that Larry had on so many businesses and families and chose to join his father. From Larry, Walter learned the intricacies of qualified plans and appropriately utilizing insurance planning and products to solve estate tax and personal needs concerns. Under Walter's leadership, the success of The K Corporation has continued, and the business has continued to thrive and grow.

Though The K Corporation has evolved in its strategies and concepts over time, our roots remain firmly in our traditional upbringings. We insist on doing right by our clients and take pride when we say that “we genuinely care about helping you take responsibility for your financial future.” To this day, Walter still promotes to his team the wisdom he was once imparted – “Our clients don’t pay us to think we know the answers. They pay us to know or find the answers, so that they can solve their financial concerns efficiently and effectively based on their goals, values, and circumstances”.