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Azeneth Rivera, MBA

Azeneth Rivera, MBA

Financial Services Team Associate

  • What I do really well:
    • Working with diverse clients in the beautiful city of Houston, the work that I do ensures that each day might be different than the one before which requires adaptation. Being a team player at our small firm and collaborating with our office staff is what helps ensure we help our clients needs. Taking initiative and always having a positive attitude is how I contribute to The K Corporation.


  • Why I get up in the morning
    • It is an amazing feeling to wake up in the morning on weekdays and look forward to coming to work at a great friendly, family-oriented, professional environment like The K Corporation. As a financial planning assistant, I enjoy helping our clients and help them understand. Waking up early in the morning is the mantra to success.


  • How I got here:
    • I worked in the pharmaceutical industry for a couple of years right after high school. As I worked to pay for college, I didn’t really know what path I wanted to take my career. After taking some finance courses my senior year of college, I realized that I wanted to find a career within the finance industry. While working on my MBA in Finance at the University of Houston-Downtown, I came along the great opportunity to work in a successful, family owned financial strategies firm who care about their clients and their needs.


  • What’s hot right now
    • Understanding your client’s financial needs is necessary. The financial plan for a person close in age to retirement may be different than a person who just graduated college.


  • Who I am really?
    • I am a huge soccer fanatic and play pickup games weekly. I love to spend time with my son and husband as well.