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Joana Diaz, CRPS

Joana Diaz, CRPS

Retirement Plan Assistant

What I do really well:

Asking a million questions about something, much to everyone’s dismay. Haha. 

My curiosity drives me to learn a lot about the 401(k) world and I also work great with the team here at The K Corporation to improve our client’s retirement plans.


Why I get up in the morning:

Because my alarm rings. On a serious note, I love being busy, helping others, and making a difference.


Clients I work best with:

I work best with individuals that like to learn and care about others.


How I got here:

I have always been a person that loves learning something, becoming an expert at it, and knowing that what I do affects someone for the better. So, life led me to The K Corporation, after doing my time at The University of Houston Bauer College of Business, where I’m learning a lot about retirement planning and making a difference in someone’s retirement.


What’s hot right now:

Transparency, Target Date Analysis, and Cyber Security are all areas of the retirement plans that are and will be a major focus.


Who am I really:

I’m a person that loves traveling around the world and changing my hobbies frequently. I’ve gone to several countries alone with no knowledge of the language, and it was absolutely amazing.