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Joanna Mateos

Joanna Mateos

Retirement Plan Assistant

  • What I do really well: The glass is always half full to me. Keeping a positive outlook and open-mindedness are two skills that I have not mastered, but do really well at practicing them.
  • Why I get up in the morning: Every morning my alarm rings, and because it has the sound of a screaming chicken, my cat comes to check if I am ok and cuddles. She then begins to ask for breakfast. My cat gets up to check on me and I get up to feed her.
  • How I got here: After graduating from the University of Houston – Downtown I worked in a couple of different fields. From working with Harris County as part of the County’s Covid-19 community outreach program to working in the financial technology space, I’ve had the privilege of learning new skills along the way. Wanting to expand my horizons, I came upon an opportunity at The K Corporation; a family-oriented financial strategies firm dedicated to helping individuals and corporations prepare for retirement success.
  • What’s hot right now Cats, Hiking, Rock Climbing, and being active. Finding the time to enjoy a relaxing activity.
  • Who I am really?  Someone who can’t say no to a road-trip. Growing up, every year my family went on a road-trip once a year. From the Grand Canyon to the beaches in Florida, it is a goal to visit every state. Maybe go camping at every U.S National Park.