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Juan Carlos Ruiz Lopez

Juan Carlos Ruiz Lopez

Financial Services Professional

Who am I?

I am a husband and father of 2 very active boys ages 7 and 4 whom love to play wrestling with me if mom is not around. As family, we enjoy watching movies as we eat “tacos” and we also enjoy running together on Sundays. I have ran a marathon, a sprint triathlon  and other short races.

Why I get up in the morning:

I enjoy developing relationships and getting to know people I can help, or I can be helped by. I really enjoy working with people. 

What is one of your most defining moments in life?

Moving to the United States has been definitely the moment that changed my life because I became a father for the first and second time. At these moments, I discovered how powerful life is and started being more conscious about my actions that will not only benefit me, but my family as well. I also started a new profession in a different language and all of this has made me understand that only limits are within your mind.

What’s the most useless talent you have?

Honesty and transparency, there is only one Juan Carlos and you will get to know him, personally and professionally. 

Who is your inspiration?

Spiritually Jesus is my inspiration based of his love and courage. When it comes to a human I have meet a lot of great people and I have one whom is a true mentor for me, nor just businesswise but in general is a great example of human being, he happens to be my boos at The K Corp.

What book has influenced you the most?

The Bible is the book that has influenced me the most, because any topic you can think off is included among the 132 books included in it, from poetry to business the knowledge included in this Holy book is amazing. Another book that really marked me was the “rubber kid”. This book seeks to protect children from misunderstandings of the elderly and excessive severity, looking for ways to educate them and make them intelligent, strong, kind and happy people.